Sebastian Oschatz


Workshop 1 (Introduction to VVVV): Saturday March 7, 10am-1pm.
Workshop 2 (Introduction to VVVV): Saturday March 7, 2pm-5pm.
Lecture: Sunday March 9, afternoon session.
“Hello World” Workshop (Getting Started with VVVV): Monday March 9, 9am-10:30am.

Sebastian Oschatz is one of the founders of the Frankfurt-based media company MESO Digital Interiors, established in 1997 to work with experimental media interfaces and interactive installations. MESO creates computational and interactive exhibition designs for clients like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Nikon and Sony Ericsson, among others.

MESO has also been the home of the developers of the visual programming tool VVVV, created originally to run MESO’s own projects. VVVV has since snowballed into a freely available multipurpose toolkit with an independent group of developers and a growing fan base. VVVV is well-suited for realtime video synthesis, and gives easy access to DirectX-shaders and a range of control protocols like MIDI, OSC and DMX-512. Little-known in the United States but heavily used throughout Europe, VVVV is an excellent tool for creating sound-responsive visual performances, although it has also been developed with interactive installations in mind.