The presenters at the ART AND CODE conference are leading some of the most significant transformations in computer arts education today. These conference presenters are the educators, artists and developers who have created programming toolkits, such as Processing, openFrameworks, MAX/MSP/Jitter, Pd, Scratch, and others, which have been adopted by hundreds of thousands of users around the world. At the symposium, each guest made a 45-minute presentation about the unique affordances of (and motivations behind) the toolkit they had created.

Arturo Castro
Arturo’s bio
Ben Fry
Ben’s bio
Casey Reas
Casey’s bio
Daniel Shiffman
Dan’s bio
DeVaris Brown
DeVaris’ bio
Don Slater
Carnegie Mellon
Don’s bio
Dr Woohoo
Dr Woohoo’s bio
Evelyn Eastmond
MIT Media Laboratory
Evelyn’s bio
Ira Greenberg
Miami U. of Ohio
(Processing + Flash)
Ira’s bio
John Maloney
MIT Media Laboratory
John’s bio
Luke DuBois
Luke’s bio
Sebastian Oschatz &
Sebastian’s bio
Theo Watson
Theo’s bio
Golan Levin
Carnegie Mellon
(Conference Director)
Golan’s bio
Tom McMail
Microsoft Research
(Keynote Speaker)
Tom’s bio
Wanda Dann
Carnegie Mellon
Wanda’s bio
why the lucky stiff
(Hackety Hack)
why’s bio
Zachary Lieberman
Parsons School of Design
Zach’s bio