ART AND CODE (sometimes written ART && CODE) is a conference series concerned with “programming environments for artists, young people, and the rest of us”. The first conference event took place during the weekend of March 7-9, 2009 on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh. It featured 26 workshops in 11 different arts-programming languages, as well as lecture presentations by fifteen of the key innovators leading significant revolutions in software-arts education. The second conference in the series, Mobile Art && Code, was concerned with arts in the mobile realm and took place in November 2009.

The first ART AND CODE conference brought together a diverse group of 234 registered participants from 7 countries and 23 states of the USA. Their ages ranged from 11 to 75. There were middle-school teachers from a Native American reservation in Montana; university professors of Computer Science; cyberpunk European C++ hackers; graduate students in media arts and interaction design; and a bevy of high-school and undergraduate students from a large swath of the American Rust Belt.